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Hotel and Tourism Secondary School 57 Jakarta

Jl.Taman Margasatwa 38.B Ragunan-Ps.Minggu Jakarta Selatan,12540
Phone : (021) 7805573    Fax     : 7806249
e-mail : smk57jkt@telkom.net

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Establish on July 16th, 1990, SMK Negeri 57 Jakarta is a vocational secondary school with the objective to educate and train its student responding to the requirements of industries in tourism sector. Since the school year 1995, SMK Negeri 57 Jakarta has been one of the five school to conducting dual system education under the cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Culture and the German government represented by GTZ. in the school year 1998 the school received contributions from Austrian government, laundry equipment hardware and teacher training to Austria.


Our Vision and Mission


To apply professional  education and training which meet the demand of Indonesian Tourism and are ready to face the era of globalisation


To implement government policy in realisizing independent vocational secondary school which produces graduates with skills demaned by present and future world of work.


Dual Education System
Study Program.
School Facilities